Friday, December 30, 2011

My own Year in Review

“A high station in life is earned by the gallantry with which appalling experiences are survived with grace.Tennessee Williams

It’s time for my own version of this and some reflecting of my own.  A friend sent me an email suggesting some things to ponder and so I share some of that with you.   This year I got brave, I married someone, which by the way, is not an easy task when you have lived most of your adult years as unmarried.  I applied for a grant making myself known to arts organizations and professionals in the field which made me have to overcome a lot of my own inadequacies and lack of confidence.  I began the process of creating a new piece of work.  I took on a role in a play that I didn’t feel qualified or prepared to do but took it on anyway and feel more in touch and connected and grateful for this experience.  I started to let go of things that weren’t working anymore and weren’t my responsibility to begin with, including some relationships.    I faced some setbacks, not getting the grant, losing my kitty, not having a business work the way I hoped it would.   And so as the door closes on 2011, I say goodbye to some things and open to others.  The intentions stay with me, to say yes to opportunities that would further me as an actor or writer, that I check in with myself and not take on too much, that I strengthen the relationships that I have by being present with those people I cherish and to make myself available to the possibilities rather than be trudging through the doubts and fears.    And I give myself permission to change my mind about any of it at anytime. 

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Last SHOP LOCAL post for the season

So a few last things that I came across that I needed to pass along:

Toma Sol Cafe in Mission Hills is a little coffee shop that strives to be green, selling organic beans (Cafe Motto) and teas and other delicious goodies, including a gluten-free carrot walnut muffin that was DELICIOUS! 

Emilia's Sugar Plum Nightmare is the latest production from Talent to aMuse, suitable for kids ages 8 and up and those desiring a funny bone to get tickled.   The production is held at the Liberty Hall Theatre in the Paradise Village Plaza, a beautiful retirement community just up the street from Paradise Valley Hospital in National City.

Gifts of Health and Wellness:
Esther Maya is a yoga teacher I work with at Poses Yoga who offers Reconnective Healing sessions and sells Usana nutritional products.  
Club Pilates is offering an AMAZING deal of 10 classes for $85. You can purchase this deal up until Christmas on their website.  These are for group reformer classes that normally run anywhere else for $35-$55 PER CLASS.
Yoga Del Mar is offering a great new student special: $75 for One Month of Unlimited Yoga, $70 for 6 classes + FREE yoga mat, or $135 for 11 classes + FREE yoga mat.   This studio offers a variety of classes with some of the best and highly regarded and knowledgeable teachers. 

Friday, December 2, 2011


Word of mouth is the BEST form of advertisement a business can get.   Please consider doing your own post on your own blog about places in your town.  If you're in SD, send me your suggestions.  And do your own OCCUPYing this season LOCALLY!

This Saturday is Ocean Beach’s annual Holiday Parade.  When I moved here I thought this was the best parade I’d ever seen.  The Geriatric Surf Drill team is hilarious.  This is real family fun and a great excuse to go to OB and do some SHOPPING!  I’ve mentioned OB before but here are a couple of places I haven’t mentioned:
Olive Tree Market – I used to love walking here and getting something good for dinner or just some cheese, but they have so much more including a large selection of wine for the wino I mean wine aficionado on your list. 
Dog Beach Dog Wash is the place to take your pooch after a day at dog beach.  A gift certificate for a wash is a nice gift for the pooch lover on your list.

Look no further for your candidate for 2012.  I love Amy Poehler and this character.  Available on Etsy and made in the USA. 

Book Darts – a new way to mark your passages or keep your place.   

La Jolla Farmers Market Sunday Mornings 8 am – 1 pm:  SO many vendors and wonderful items here including handmade bird houses, lavender gift items, art, too many to list but here’s a couple of their vendors:
Locally Grown retails their clothing items that send a statement literally, procured and manufactured tshirts made in the US.
Chef Betsy G  makes delicious GLUTEN FREE goodies.
Laurel Nation Designs makes beautiful jewelry.  

Radiance Yoga in Mission Hills offers a new student private session for $75.  This is an incredible value to have a very skilled and trained teacher help assess and provide for your needs.  Just check out their instructor bios, many have degrees and have been practicing yoga since the 70’s.