Monday, November 26, 2012

My big head

So get a text from a friend that says "nice picture in the paper today."  And I'm thinking that it's for Persuasion, that opens this weekend.  Nope.  Second page in the Union Tribune, my big head is on the page.  WOW!  And the next page, a nice big article about Persuasion.  So to my friends who are wondering where I am and what I'm doing, the paper is publishing my whereabouts.  Does this make me a Kardashian?  If so, I want better clothes.  And someone to do my hair. 

But seriously, I have a lot to be grateful for right now.  And I am so grateful.  We have a public reading tonight of my play at New Village Arts.  This is the dream.  When someone says they're going to workshop your play, it's pretty amazing.  So if I'm not posting a lot, know I'm rewriting.  Or driving to get to my call ontime.  And I'm thankful for all of it. 

Friday, November 2, 2012

Kevin Six's Famous Last Words

*No, do not get yourself a piece of cheese, the man eats first.
*You me sex now!
*It'll only take a minute.
*No, it won't hurt me, I'm a trained trapeze artist.

Finding peace in chaos

I feel inadequate in trying to describe the past few days.  Watching the devastation left by Hurricane Sandy through the lens of the media solidifies a few things for me:
1.  Being present means being present with what is.  Not what it should be, what I should think about it, how I should feel about it.  Just what is.
2.  Staying with this thought from a recent workshop: "You wouldn't walk up to someone who is standing in their pajamas with their three kids in their pajamas, watching their family home burn to the ground and say 'it's all good.  there's a reason for everything.'  That's abusive." It's called hug your neighbor, don't put a band-aid on a chest wound.
3.  Can I be a part of the solution?

"It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness" Chinese Proverb