Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Something I'd like to share is this thing called Spa Week.
You sign up with your email address.  And twice a year they do a "spa week" where places offer their services for a big discount, $50.  Yes, Spa Week will send you emails and lots of them.  But it's totally worth it.  Here's what I got:

1.5 hour massage for $50.  And after the first appointment, they let me book two more at the same price.
50 minute facial for $50.  I could book as many as I wanted over the next few months.  And add additional services like glycolic peel, for an additonal $15.

So why am I a big free advertiser for this?  Because massage is so good for you.  Because taking care of yourself is often something that I leave off the list myself.  So I saw this post on FB from a friend and have had a really good time ever since.  And I'm grateful. 

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